You Shouldn’t Be Scared of the Dentist Anymore

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When you were a kid, going to the dentist was the worst thing you could possibly go through. The dentist was scary and he or she liked to put a lot of sharp, pointy tools in your sensitive mouth. Nobody has fond memories of a trip to the dentist. Today, however, things have changed for the better. Modern technology has made trips to the dentist a lot more bearable, if not downright pleasant. Here are a few reasons that you don’t have to be scared of going to the dentist anymore.

They Use High Tech Equipment

The absolute worst thing about going to the dentist used to be having your mouth stuffed with plastic negatives between your lips and gums to have your x-rays taken. That, and the painful drilling and scraping they did on your teeth. Modern techniques use less invasive methods to take your x-rays which are not uncomfortable at all. The tools they use have been upgraded as well. The dental turbines in the drills they use seem like space-age technology compared to 20 years ago. Having a simple cleaning is also much quicker than before.

It’s Virtually Painless

With today’s modern equipment, cleaning and drilling are almost pain-free. The numbing agents and anesthetics they use in surgeries have also improved, so you don’t have to worry about your oral surgeon “hitting a nerve” so much. You might still be a little sore afterward, but the process is much less painful than it used to be.

They Focus on Customer Service

One major thing that has changed is competition. Your dentist isn’t the only one in town, most likely. Modern dentist offices have to compete with other offices in the area, so they try harder to make you have a pleasant experience whenever you visit. If the receptionist is surly, you might decide to take your teeth elsewhere. These days you will be treated like a valued customer.

Things have changed since you were a kid. With modern techniques, better equipment and a focus on customer service, you’ll see there’s no reason to avoid trips to the dentist anymore.