Yoga Mudras – Types, Methods and Benefits

Gyan Mudra or Jnana Mudra – Yoga Mudra for Mind 

What is Gyan Mudra? 

Gyan Mudra is one of the most regularly and broadly rehearsed mudras. Gyan mudra relates to the word insight which is “Gyan” in Sanskrit. It is famously utilized in yogic postures, for example, Pranayama and is accepted to help accomplish otherworldly edification. 

Step by step instructions to do Gyan Mudra 

Gyan Mudra works incredible in Padmasana. In any case, on the off chance that you find padmasana somewhat troublesome, you can do this yoga mudra in sukhasana as well. 

Plunk down with your back straight 

Keep your neck straight yet not tense 

Keep your hands expanded laying on your collapsed knees 

Contact the tip of your forefinger with the tip of your thumb 

Guarantee to contact with a delicate press and not constrained weight 

Keep your eyes shut smoothly and maintain your attention on relaxing 

Advantages of Gyan Mudra 

It loosens up the body 

It diminishes pressure 

Improves center and fixation 

Animates cerebrum and fortifies sensory system 

Works extraordinary for profound illumination 

Span of Gyan Mudra 

You can rehearse Gyan Mudra day by day for 30 minutes. The favored time is early morning, where a went with reciting of “OM” can do ponders. 

Surya Mudra – Yoga Mudra for Weight misfortune 

What is Surya Mudra? 

Surya Mudra is otherwise called Prithvi-shamak Mudra. This is on the grounds that it diminishes the earth component in the body and along these lines Surya Mudra is probably the best mudra for weight reduction. 

Instructions to do Surya Mudra 

The ring finger speaks to the earth component and the thumb is the flame component. Hence, to shape Surya Mudra, you have to – 

Overlap your ring finger and press it with your thumb. 

You can sit in Sukhasana or Padmasana for this. 

Guarantee your palms are laying on your knees and are confronting the sky. 

You may likewise do this mudra while standing or notwithstanding strolling. In any case, for best outcomes, sit serenely with your back straight and do it. 

Surya Mudra and Weight Loss 

Rehearsing Surya Mudra prompts the decrease of earth component in your body and subsequently brings down the thickness. Additionally, this mudra brings the flame component up in the body which prompts an improvement in stomach related framework as well. This aides in cholesterol decrease and consequently helps in weight reduction. 

Different Benefits of Surya Mudra 

Improves hunger 

Improves vision 

The expansion in flame component enables take to mind of virus hands and feet 

It is valuable to beat the Kapha Dosha in body by expanding the pita component. 

Stimulates your internal identity and persuades you out of torpidity. 

Term of Surya Mudra 

You can rehearse Surya Mudra consistently for 30 minutes. The best time is early morning. 

Surya Mudra Precautions 

Individuals who are hoping to put on weight and body thickness ought to do it with some restraint just when required. 

Individuals with touched off Pitta component ought to likewise do Surya Mudra with alert as this mudra is Pitta Karak and Kapha Nashak

Prana Mudra – Yoga Mudra for Life Energy 

What is Prana Mudra? 

This is one of the most valuable yoga mudras as it has countless advantages for wellbeing and health. As the name recommends, Prana Mudra is the wellspring of fundamental life power and vitality. This yoga mudra expands the earth component and the water component in the body. It diminishes the flame component in the body. In this manner, Prana Mudra is a Kapha Karak and pitta Nashak Mudra. 

Step by step instructions to do Prana Mudra 

The Prana Mudra can be shaped by joining the tips of your ring finger and little finger with the tip of your thumb. 

Advantages of Prana Mudra 

Prana Mudra does something amazing with regards to the rundown of advantages. Prana Mudra is useful in: 


Stress and mental pressure 



General debility 

Low invulnerability 

Acridity and ulcers 

Vision related medical problems 

Rheumatoid Arthritis 

Joint agony 

Provocative issue 

Different other medical problems or disarranges that may happen because of lack of water and earth components. 

Term of Prana Mudra 

You can rehearse Prana Mudra consistently for 30 to 45 minutes. Morning time is viewed as best for this mudra. To start with, on the off chance that you are not ready to do it ceaselessly for 30 to 45 minutes, you may do it for 10 to 12 minutes, 3 times each day or 15 minutes 2 times each day. At that point, step by step you can build the hour of training. 

Prana Mudra Precautions 

In the event that Kapha is in overabundance in your body, at that point you should rehearse this mudra with some restraint. 

Vayu Mudra – Yoga Mudra for Pain Relief 

What is Vayu Mudra? 

Otherwise called Vayu shaamak mudra, Vayu mudra helps in controlling the air component in the body. You can concentrate astounding medical advantages with the parity of air component in your body. 

The most effective method to do Vayu Mudra 

Crease your forefinger to your palm 

Press your thumb over the forefinger 

Press the collapsed thumb tenderly on the bowed pointer 

Keep the other three fingers straight yet not tight 

Advantages of Vayu Mudra 

This mudra helps in adjusting the air component of the body 

It does some incredible things for medical problems identified with or emerging from joint torments like joint pain, gout, sciatica, and ailment and so on. 

Vayu mudra rehearsed in Vajrasana or the jewel posture helps in absorption after an overwhelming dinner and makes you feel loose 

Length of Vayu Mudra 

You can rehearse this mudra for 10 to 12 minutes consistently for getting alleviation from body torment. On the off chance that your infection is incessant, you may expand the span however it is more secure to counsel a yoga master. 

Vayu Mudra Precautions 

Try not to rehearse Vayu Mudra more than required and end it once you get alleviation from torment or related medical problem or when you see that your ceaseless sickness side effects have vanished. 

Varun Mudra – Yoga Mudra for Beauty 

What is Varun Mudra? 

Otherwise called Jal Vardhak Mudra, Varun Mudra helps increment the water component in the body. It is a straightforward mudra and has brilliant medical advantages. 

Step by step instructions to Do Varun Mudra 

Spot the tip of your little finger on the tip of your thumb 

Keep the other three fingers straight yet loose 

The weight connected ought to be nearly nothing and not applied 

Advantages of Varun Mudra 

Water assumes a noteworthy job in the wellbeing and health of a body. Furthermore, in this way, Vayu Mudra is advantageous if the water component in your body is low. 

In this way, rehearsing of Vayu Mudra is advantageous in – 

Drying out 

Muscle spasms 

Dryness of skin and absence of dampness 

Dryness in eyes, throat or mouth 

Low pee 

Tongue related medical problems or disarranges 

Acid reflux and blockage 

Different other medical problems or disarranges that may happen because of abundance of Vata dosha in the body 

Span of Varun Mudra 

Ideally during the early morning hours, yoga mudra for weight loss can be polished for 20 to 30 minutes. 

Varun Mudra Precautions 

Individuals with high Kapha or Pitta should rehearse Varun Mudra with some restraint.