Weekend Warrior Pains Are Real

One of your self-improvement goals is to be more active, and you work hard all week, so when your friends ask you to join a weekend game of football or a Saturday morning super-duper yoga class, you are all for it. You stretch half-heartedly as you catch up with friends for a few minutes, and then the action begins. You notice your muscles stretching and pulling, and even though you may feel a little pain, you congratulate yourself because you made it through the whole morning. When you get home, the discomfort begins, and by night, you notice aches in muscles you didn’t know you had. Yes, weekend warrior pains are real, and here are three of the most common types.

Shin Splints

If your legs aren’t used to being pushed and pulled at the same time, they may begin to send out shin splints warning pains that something is wrong after you use them more than they are accustomed too. This is especially true of running to much with proper gradual preparation.


Whether you fell on your arm during your game with friends or put too much stress on your wrists and elbows during yoga, the muscles and joints can become injured from undue stress. It doesn’t matter how much you warm up if your muscles aren’t used to the pressure you can put on them during strenuous activities.


Most common of all weekend injuries, the back has hundreds of points of muscles, tendons, and bones and can be easily be damaged with a simple turn, twist, or pull in a direction your body wasn’t expecting. Whether you vertebrae, ligaments, or discs are damaged, your back is an area that needs help in healing, so contact a sports injury chiropractor Hillsboro OR immediately after you begin feeling the pain.

Weekend activities are great ways to catch up with long-time friends. Make sure your body is ready for what you are going to put it through on the weekend by exercising, stretching, or dancing wildly during the week.