Things your eye boogers can reveal about your health

A little crust or discharge around the eyes is normal. But a change in consistency, colour or the amount of discharge can be a sign of some health issue. Here are eight eye booger traits that might be signalling something serious about your health. Take a look.

You have crusty eyes
Waking up with a little crusty thing is your eyes is normal. But if you feel extra crusty or irritated in your eyes, you might have blepharitis (an inflammation of the eyelid), which can result in crusting along the lid line. Other reasons behind the condition could be some seasonal allergy or dry eye. Do remember to resist the urge to rub your eye.

The eye discharge is not clear
Green, yellow or white discharge from the eye can signal infection like conjunctivitis, which is also commonly called pink eye or red eye. Conjunctivitis infection can be bacterial or viral and can be contagious.

Your eyes are watery
Allergies or reaction due to cold weather can result in watery eyes. But excessive tearing can be a sign of dry eyes, which happens when your eyes don’t produce enough tears.

Thick and sticky eye boogers
If you have blocked eye duct, it can prevent your tears from draining normally, resulting in the condition called dacryocystitis. The condition produces thick and sticky discharge.

You have eye gunk while wearing contacts
Contact lenses increase your chances of getting eye infections. If you observe discharge while wearing your lenses, accompanied by a change in vision and pain, it’s a clear sign that you have an eye infection. If you notice something like this, visit your doctor immediately.

The discharge makes it hard to see
If your eye mucus is impairing your vision, do not delay visiting a doctor. Corneal ulcers can lead to abscess like infection of the cornea, which can result in discharge, which hinders your vision.

You have eye boogers all the time
You should definitely meet an ophthalmologist if you have eye boogers all the time because it is not normal.

Your eyes feel glued
If you struggle to open your eyes in the morning and it feels like your eyes are glued, there are chances you have got an eye infection. Conjunctivitis can also cause sticky eyes.