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The LGBTQ Health Clinic That Faced a Dark Truth About the AIDS Crisis

On an otherwise quiet residential block, with a school on one side and a church on the other, a nightclub once drew crowds from all along the East Coast for some of Washington, D.C.’s most raucous parties. The center of the

Contaminated blood inquiry: Anger after boy, 7, died from Aids

The parents of a young Aids victim have spoken about the abuse the family faced, at a public inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal. Colin Smith, a haemophiliac, died at the age of seven in 1990 after being given infected blood

The (dis)comfort of stability in relationships

Still from Mragendra Singh’s film Normal. (Source: Visual Communications/YouTube) I remember pausing for a while when a friend, I have known all my growing up years, asked without a warning, “So, why are you two together?” It was a simple question,

How to tackle temper issues in a relationship

When two people start dating each other, everything seems rosy. But slowly, issues start surfacing between them. And, one of the major and first issues that people face in relationships is that of temper — either in both partners or one

‘We received patients as young as eight’: Kashmir’s drug problem

Anantnag, Indian-administered Kashmir –Reyaz* hides under a restaurant stairway, in a village about 36 miles (57.9km) south of Srinagar, to take a hit of heroin, sniffing it through a 10 rupee note. “I went mad for this dose. I was searching

Drug overdose victim thought he could ‘push through it’, festival deaths inquest told

Callum Brosnan and Alex Ross-King, two of the six young people whose deaths at Sydney music festivals are the subject of an ongoing inquest A young man who took up to nine MDMA capsules at a Sydney music festival told his friend before

Liberia: Religious Leaders Vow to Curb HIV and AIDS

Monrovia – As part of efforts to curb the HIV and AIDs virus in the country, a three-day consultation of church leaders and faith actors was held at the Lutheran Church Compound, 13th Street, Sinkor. The event brought together religious leaders,

5 Reasons Why Getting Involved In A Rebound Relationship Is The Worst Thing You Can Do After A Breakup

What is the flip side of a rebound relationship? An intimate romantic association entails huge amounts of emotional investment, lots of moments of togetherness, and an entire journey of ups and downs. The two people involved are so enmeshed with each

Artificial Intelligence can spot depression via sound of your voice

A realistic scenario is to have people use an app that will collect voice samples as they speak naturally. India-the sixth most depressed country in the world-has an estimated 56 million people suffering from depression and 38 million from anxiety disorders,

Group of drug addicts in Punjab village contracts AIDS, Hepatitis after using same needle

At least 8 youngsters in Punjab have contracted AIDS after a group of 16 used the same needle to do substance abuse. This has now revealed 16 such cases of AIDS and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) caused by usage of the