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Women’s hormones play role in drug addiction, higher relapse rates

Women’s hormonal cycles may not only make them more prone to drug addiction but also more affected by triggers that lead to relapse, a new Vanderbilt University study revealed. The findings are especially significant since there are virtually no addiction studies

Meeting arranged to tackle “worsening” drug abuse in town

A NEW crackdown on illegal drug use in Colchester could include stations for users to test substances. A meeting has been organised by councillor Martin Goss in a bid to come up with new ideas for organisations to tackle “worsening” drug

Walnuts a boon; can lower risk of depression, improve concentration

LOS ANGELES: Consuming walnuts may lower the prevalence and frequency of depression, and improve concentration levels, according to a study carried out in American adults. Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the US found that depression scores were 26 per

Eating walnuts may lower depression risk: Study

The study, published in the journal Nutrients, found that depression scores were 26 per cent lower for walnut consumers and eight per cent lower for consumers of other nuts (Source: File Photo) Consuming walnuts may lower the prevalence and frequency of

Everything the Trump administration hasn’t done to end HIV/AIDS within 10 years

Donald Trump used his State of the Union address tonight (Feb. 5) to state his goal of ending the transmission of HIV in the US within 10 years. The goal is realistic, experts say. If Trump is serious about achieving it,

How HIV/AIDS ended up in Trump’s State of the Union speech

The people who planted the seed that led President Donald Trump to announce a new agenda to end AIDS in his State of the Union address yesterday had no notion that their idea would receive this kind of prime-time attention. Last