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How Your Unconscious Mind Affects Your Romantic Relationship

Both men’s and women’s mating efforts are impacted by their hormones. But even after we have chosen a long-term partner, our hormones continue to affect our relationships. For example, fertile women who perceive their partners as more sexually attractive rate their

Medical experts says the cure for AIDS is closer than you might think

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — A cure to AIDS might be closer than what we think. This after a study confirmed that a drug can stop HIV from transmitting. “If your virus is completely controlled by HIV medications then someone who is

Why Being In A Throuple Could Be Your Best Relationship Ever

RICHARD DRURYGETTY IMAGES You’ve heard that two’s company and three’s a crowd. But throuples are here to prove that three—yes, three—is where the party’s at. As you may have guessed, a throuple is a romantic relationship between three people. And while

How your relationship with your mum shapes you, according to a psychologist

Love you, mum. Image: Instagram @gilmoregirls0fficialSource:BodyAndSoul The relationship a daughter has with her parents, and in particular, her mother, can have a huge impact on her life. The mother-daughter relationship is a powerful bond that can have long lasting effects on the daughter’s

HIV drugs stop sexual transmission of AIDS virus, say doctors

HIV-suppressing medication could stop sexual transmission of the AIDS virus among gay couples — even if they had sex without condoms. Authors of the study, published in medical journal The Lancet on Friday, presented it as evidence that the spread of HIV could be

HIV-suppressing drugs prevent transmission of AIDS virus: Study

HIV-suppressing medication can make the AIDS virus “untransmittable” even among couples who have sex without using condoms, new research shows. The Europe-wide study monitored nearly 1,000 gay male couples over a period of eight years, where one partner was HIV-positive and receiving

Putting women’s health first for a healthy future

Two in three (67%) abortions in nine of India’s northern and eastern states that account for half the country’s population are unsafe, with young women between the ages of 15 and 19 years most likely to die from complications.(Shutterstock) Patriarchal communities

5 Signs You’re Definitely Not Ready For a Relationship

am a sucker for romance. Just like so many other people I know, I just LOVE, love. The hand holding, soft kisses, midnight cuddles…the wholeshebang. Someone to lean on, trust, and care for? Sign. Me. The. Fuck. Up. But because of this,

India eyes Guyana as Iran oil supplies end

New Delhi: Faced with US sanctions on one of its top suppliers Iran, India is charting new geographies to meet its energy needs. The world’s third-largest oil importer is looking to secure an interest in Guyana’s oilfields that are being hailed as one

If Your Relationship Is Going Nowhere, You’ll Notice These 4 Signs

You’ve been seeing a cutie for a while now and you’re pretty into them. You go on cute dates, have really great sex, and enjoy spending time together. But beneath the fun and frisky stuff, you’re starting to realize that you