International Yoga Day: Yoga Poses For Different Body Types As Per Ayurveda, Know Yours

International Yoga Day: Yoga can help in achieving mental relaxation

International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on the 21st of June since 2015. This day was declared unanimously by the United Nations general assembly. Yoga Day 2018 gives a chance to all organisations dedicated to yoga to come forward and make people aware of the importance of yoga. When it comes to exercising, it is not necessary that all kinds of exercises will be suitable for everyone. Every individual is unique in a certain way and the way they respond to forms of exercising such as yoga, can be very different from one another. Your lifestyle and diet too need individual attention. The reason behind this is that a person’s spiritual, mental and physical capabilities are all different and require unique and special attention. It is important to be aware of what works for you and your body type as an individual.


Yoga has great health benefits

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In this article, we tell you which yoga poses are the best for you according to your Dosha or Ayurveda.

Pitta Dosha

People with dominant Pitta dosha are usually authoritative, determined and focused in life. They can get angry and are often quite demanding. They get irritated at even the smallest mistake. They are of a moderate build and have a warm and soft skin. They prefer cool atmosphere and get sunburnt quite easily. They have a strong appetite and thirst and eat many small meals in the day. Hobbies of people with dominant Pitta dosha are quite intellectual and they are fond of all kinds of sports. Leaders and people at the managerial level are of dominant in their Pitta.

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Yoga for Pitta Dosha dominant people

While they are mostly irritable or overheated when in stress, Pitta Dosha dominant people are very disciplined and focused as well. They like yoga exercises which are refreshing and help them calm down.

Pitta Dosh dominant people, make sure you begin your yoga session period with a short period of relaxation. It will help cool down your body. Perform in moderate speed and do not tire your body. The idea for yoga for you is to get rid of heat and tension from the body. You will sweat a log when exercising. Keep your surrounding cool and airy while exercising. Perform breathing exercises which cool down the body.

Yoga positions suitable for Pitta Dosha are surya namaskar, chandra namaskar, cobra position, half spinal twist, hero pose, forward bend, tortoise pose and cooling breathing exercises and alternative nostril breathing exercise.

surya namaskar

Surya namaskar is suitable for everyone

Kapha dosh

People who are dominant in their Kapha dosha are social, friendly and easy to be with. They feel lazy and constantly feel like postponing things till the last minute. They are well built physically and are prone to gaining weight. They have a soft, cold and moist skin and avoid cold, rainy and wet situations. They are more inclined towards warm weather. They have a stable appetite and they prefer eating at fixed times. They will have simplistic hobbies like watching television. They would basically like any activity which does not require any physical or mental labour. But they are known be extremely fond of water sports.