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“Yoga Bridging The Vast Distance Between India And Argentina”: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that yoga is bridging the vast distance between Argentina and India, and connecting their people. Addressing participants at a yoga event, he said the practice is India’s gift to the world for health and

Aeriel Yoga: Top 7 Health Benefits Of Aeriel Yoga

Yoga, as we know, is an art of meditation and relaxation. Yoga helps to keep the mind relaxed and calm. But is it achieved within the boundaries of the floor? Well the answer to it is a simple NO! There is

This Winter, Keep Warm With These 5 Effective Yoga Poses

This winter, what better way to stay fit and warm than some yoga! Yoga is a form of fitness and practice which has numerous benefits for the mind, body and the soul. Not only is yoga an effective way to lose

Yoga For Beginners: The Perfect Guide To 9 Most Popular Types Of Yoga

Whether you do yoga at the local YMCA, at a trendy fitness studio or with an app on your living room floor, you probably know there are plenty of ways to get into the flow. But figuring out which practice best

Just 8 weeks of yoga benefit rheumatoid arthritis

New research, published in the journal Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience, finds that an 8-week regimen of intensive yoga eases both the physical symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and the psychological distress that usually accompanies the condition. Yoga may help those living with rheumatoid arthritis

Fit in my 40s: ‘Judo, yoga and ballet in a week? There’s an app for that’

‘I started on a Thursday at dawn.’ Photograph: Kellie French. Hair and makeup: Sarah Cherry. Zoe wears Saucony Triumph ISO 5 trainers, Bellum Viper X leggings, jumper and vest from My Gym Wardrobe ClassPass is global, but has a few hundred studios in the UK,