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Millennials in India Are Turning to Algorithms for Love

Photo Credit: Bloomberg photo by Karen Dias Pawan Gupta wasn’t having any luck finding a match. The 31-year-old MBA graduate wanted to get married and scoured dating apps and Indian matrimonial websites. Yet after four years of looking and dating, he

Tattoos May Up Risk of Mental Health Problems and Sleep Disorders: 4 Sleep-Inducing Foods

Are you fond of getting inked? You must read this. If the findings of a latest study are to be believed, tattoos may take a toll on your mental health and even sleep. The American study conducted by researchers from the

Top Huawei Executive’s Extradition Hearing Pushed To March

Meng Wanzhou was arrested at Washington’s request on December 1 Vancouver, Canada: The extradition hearing for a top Huawei executive at the center of a diplomatic row between Ottawa and Beijing was pushed back to March on Tuesday, after the US unveiled

After Food Delivery, Uber To Provide Speed Boat Services In Mumbai

The UberBOAT service will be available to Uber customers from February 1. Mumbai:  After entering into the food delivery business through Uber Eats, the global taxi aggregator has announced that it will also provide boat services around Mumbai, in partnership with

“Good To Have Ties With India, China, Russia And Japan”: Donald Trump

Donald Trump said it’s good to have relationship with countries like India, Russia, China, and Japan Washington:  US President Donald Trump on Monday said it’s good to have relationship with countries like Russia, China, Japan and India as he expressed hope

Valuable LinkedIn Features To Nurture Your Relationships

We all know that LinkedIn is a great resource for growing your network. But that network has little value if you don’t stay engaged. Nurturing your network is even more important than growing it. LinkedIn knows that, and they have been

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for different stages of a relationship

01/7A gift can make or break a relationship What you gift your loved one on Valentine’s Day depends a lot on the kind of relationship you have with him or her. A thoughtful gift can determine the fate of a relationship

Reality: Single or in a relationship, there’s something to love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in high school is rough. Valentine’s Day in high school is rough. If you’re single, there’s the feeling of being utterly alone, wishing you had someone to spend this special day with, while eating from pharmacy brand box of