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7 Ways To Level Up The Bonding In Your Relationship

You may associate bonding with your partner with the early stages of your relationship. But whether you’re six months or six years in, there are always more opportunities to grow closer with your partner. Learning how to bond in a relationship can be

Survey Reveals the Top 10 Relationship Deal Breakers in America

There’s an old saying, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” In other words, before you give up, take matters into your own hands and try a little harder. As a psychology

Valentine’s Day 2019: Top romantic quotes, messages and wishes to share with your loved one

With Valentine’s Day only one day away, couples all over the world are gearing up to make the day a special one for their better half. This day is named after a Roman priest St. Valentine who was martyred on February

Valentine’s Day, time for introspection

Imagine this – it’s Valentine’s Day and you are sitting across from your partner of three years in your favorite five-star restaurant, Traditions, with Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” playing softly in the background. They reach across the table to grab your

US, India In Talks Over Strategic Missile Defence Cooperation: Pentagon

US, India hold talks over missile defence cooperation as New Delhi is “key” to US’ Indo-Pacific strategy Washington:  The Trump administration has discussed a potential missile defence cooperation with India as part of its effort to deepen the bilateral strategic partnership,

Face-Recognition Cameras, 5-Layer Security At Republic Day Celebrations In Delhi

The Delhi police will deploy five layers of security at this year’s Republic Day celebrations. New Delhi:  Thirty face-recognition cameras will be installed at the venue of Republic Day ce[“source-ndtv”]ebrations in the national capital that will help officers identify terrorists and

Women Twice More Likely To Suffer From Depression Post Stroke: 5 Foods To Manage Depression

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in both men and women. If the findings of a recent study are to be believed, a significant population of those who suffer a stroke may be at an increased risk of

Trying To Figure Out A Trick To Keep Stress And BP In Check? Try This

Trying to figure out a trick to keep mental stress in check? It turns out just thinking about your romantic partner during a stressful situation may help keep your blood pressure under control just as effectively as actually having your significant

Millennials in India Are Turning to Algorithms for Love

Photo Credit: Bloomberg photo by Karen Dias Pawan Gupta wasn’t having any luck finding a match. The 31-year-old MBA graduate wanted to get married and scoured dating apps and Indian matrimonial websites. Yet after four years of looking and dating, he

Tattoos May Up Risk of Mental Health Problems and Sleep Disorders: 4 Sleep-Inducing Foods

Are you fond of getting inked? You must read this. If the findings of a latest study are to be believed, tattoos may take a toll on your mental health and even sleep. The American study conducted by researchers from the