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Anthropologists Hid African Same-Sex Relationships

Sex between people of the same gender has existed in various forms for millennia. But many people, including academics, often ignored or distorted those relationships. The historian Marc Epprecht looked at one arena where this occurred: Western anthropology in sub-Saharan Africa.

7 Rules To Ensure You’re Doing Relationship Boundaries Right

The link between healthy relationships and setting boundaries is profound. Setting emotional boundaries with your partner and others leads to healthy relationships that last. Have you set personal and emotional boundaries in order to protect yourself from being manipulated or violated

What our relationships with others teach us about the relationship we have with ourselves

The people we love the most, can sometimes be the people who annoy or hurt us the most. Simply because they are so close to us and we value them and their opinion so much. At least that is what we

Of relationships, secrets, and untold emotions, an interview with debutant author Madhuri Vijay

BENGALURU: Debutant author Madhuri Vijay read constantly as a child. All the books she lived on, inspired her to become a writer. She penned down stories all through school and had her first poem published in a newspaper at the age of

In Romantic Relationships, People Have a ‘Type’, Finds New Study

A new study by social psychologists at the University of Toronto (U of T) is revealing that when it comes to dating people really do have a ‘type.’ The research has found that when people look for love they do so with the

Fathers Should Spend Time with Kids to Develop Good Parent-Child Relationship

Researchers have found that fathers who spend lots of time helping out with childcare-related tasks on holidays develop stronger relationships with their kids. The study published in the Journal of Family Psychology, reveals that both types of involvement — caregiving versus

Why You Should Curate Strong Relationships With Editors — And How To Do It

PR is all about people. The name itself — public relations  — is enough to give you that impression. The gig is all about connecting people (your clients) with other people (the media) so their story can reach even more people (the audience).

How Borderline Personality Disorder Affects Relationships

One hallmark of borderline personality disorder (BPD) is interpersonal hypersensitivity—which is a technical way of saying that many BPD patients have trouble being in healthy, secure, and mutually beneficial relationships with others. According to the Journal of Personality Disorder, BPD patients have

5 Barriers to the Relationships You Need to Win in Business (and How to Overcome Them)

If you are a business professional or owner today, success is more and more about relationships. People relationships are the key to career growth, more than results, and customer relationships build brands, rather than the other way around. In this era of communication

Money & relationships: What should you do if your spouse spends impulsively?

Are you having frequent arguments with your husband over his impulsive spending on gadgets? Are the erratic and extravagant purchases by your wife throwing your budgetout of gear and risking your goals? Poor financial habits, including impulsive buying, are a big cause of discord