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Top Winter Eye Care Tips You Must Know

Retaining moisture can help combat dryness to the eyes during winter season, says an opthalmologist. Dry, itchy eyes are a common problem in the winter due to low humidity. “On average, the humidity drops in the winter with the cold weather,”

Here’s Why You Should Include More Bell Peppers In Your Diet

What’s a salad without healthy and nutritious bell peppers? Sweet peppers or bell peppers are vibrant-looking delights that not only add a nice crunch to any dish they are added in, but also lend a sweet yet unique taste to the

High Blood Pressure? Here’s Why You Should Include Figs In Your Diet

Blood pressure is a condition where the force of blood against your arteries is too high. High blood pressure is a common cardiovascular condition across the world. The total number of people with hypertension across the globe may shoot up to

Missing Lawmaker Ganesh Won’t Be Spared, Says Karnataka Home Minister

JN Ganesh is facing a case of attempt to murder for allegedly assaulting his colleague Anand Singh (File) Bengaluru:  Police are on the lookout for missing Congress lawmaker JN Ganesh, who is facing a case of attempt to murder for allegedly

Lack Of Sleep Becoming A Public Health Crisis

In the screen-lit bustle of modern life, sleep is expendable. There are television shows to binge-watch, work emails to answer, homework to finish, social media posts to scroll through. We’ll catch up on shut-eye later, so the thinking goes – right

People are getting their dark circles tattooed away with permanent under-eye concealer in a bizarre new cosmetic trend

Cosmetic tattooing is becoming just as routine in the beauty world as a mani-pedi. The business for microblading eyebrows has boomed in the past five years, tattooed eyeliner has become a Godsend for people with alopecia and permanent lip liner provides a fuller pout without filler. Now, there’s

5 Soothing Under Eye Gels To Get Rid Of Puffiness

Haven’t been sleeping too well? One of the immediate effects of poor sleep is puffy eyes, which is not just annoying to hide but also tough to get rid of. Puffy eyes and dark spots are the outcomes of you not taking care