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Around 100 Fresh Swine Flu Cases Recorded On Thursday In Delhi

Around 100 fresh cases of swine flu, recorded on Thursday, pushed the total number of people affected by the disease this year to 1,196, according to Directorate General of Health Services. So far, only one swine flu death that occurred on

If You Are Trying To Lose Weight You Can Have These Healthy Carbs

Your body uses carbohydrates to make glucose, which is your body’s main source of energy. Glucose is a type of sugar that can be used for energy or stored to be used later. Carbohydrates provide the body with the energy it

This Could Impair The Immune System

While, healthy people usually have no problem if microorganisms find their way into their bodies as their immune defence system will put the spores out of action, a specific type of fungus can threaten lives with a compromised immune system, such

Adolescent School Students To Be Made Aware Of HIV-AIDS

The Odisha AIDS Control Society has launched a programme to sensitize adolescent students in schools on HIV, AIDS and sexual transmission diseases, an official said Monday. The adolescent education programme was launched in Ganjam district, having the highest number of HIV

Donald Trump Seeks To “Eliminate HIV” In US Within 10 Years

President Donald Trump used his State of the Union address on Tuesday to call for a bipartisan commitment to eradicate AIDS in the United States within a decade. “Scientific breakthroughs have brought a once-distant dream within reach,” Trump said in his

Just 8 weeks of yoga benefit rheumatoid arthritis

New research, published in the journal Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience, finds that an 8-week regimen of intensive yoga eases both the physical symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and the psychological distress that usually accompanies the condition. Yoga may help those living with rheumatoid arthritis

Fit in my 40s: ‘Judo, yoga and ballet in a week? There’s an app for that’

‘I started on a Thursday at dawn.’ Photograph: Kellie French. Hair and makeup: Sarah Cherry. Zoe wears Saucony Triumph ISO 5 trainers, Bellum Viper X leggings, jumper and vest from My Gym Wardrobe ClassPass is global, but has a few hundred studios in the UK,

Maria Sophocles, MD: Advancing Women’s Healthcare

Sophocles: Well, I think the trend in OB/GYN is to shift from hospital and surgery to office procedures, and I think this is going to cut down on healthcare spending a lot. Already there are OBGYN offices that have procedure rooms,

Initiative uses dermatology to address total women’s health

Dermatology care for women goes beyond skin. Practicing dermatologists reside at the crux of meeting women’s needs, said Pearl Grimes, M.D., president of Women’s Dermatologic Society (WDS). “We play a role in addressing issues, such as aging, self-esteem, hormones, and stress management. We look

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for different stages of a relationship

01/7A gift can make or break a relationship What you gift your loved one on Valentine’s Day depends a lot on the kind of relationship you have with him or her. A thoughtful gift can determine the fate of a relationship