Aeriel Yoga: Top 7 Health Benefits Of Aeriel Yoga

Aeriel Yoga: Top 7 Health Benefits Of Aeriel Yoga

Yoga, as we know, is an art of meditation and relaxation. Yoga helps to keep the mind relaxed and calm. But is it achieved within the boundaries of the floor? Well the answer to it is a simple NO! There is another form of yoga which helps you keep a relaxed state of mind but this yoga is performed in the air! Such a kind of yoga is known as Ariel yoga. Ariel yoga is also known as air yoga or anti-gravity yoga is a combination of acrobatics, dance and the traditional yoga asanas. It is carried out with the help of a hammock while you remain suspended in the air. The hammock is absolutely durable and strong and one that is used in Ariel yoga must be able to carry 300 kilos of weight.


Aerial yoga: All you should know about it

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Doesn’t this sound interesting? We are sure that it will be as beneficial as interesting it sounds.

Here are 7 benefits of Ariel yoga:

1. Helps in the workout of the entire body: Stretching mid-air might sound daunting but it has its own perks. Ariel yoga has movements and exercises which compels the entire body to stretch and move. This yoga helps in toning muscles and strengthening joints. Since your entire body engages in workouts, ariel yoga also helps in increasing blood circulation in the body.


Aerial yoga can be an amazing work out

2. Enhances flexibility: If you are performing exercises which include yoga, dance, and acrobatics together, then enhancement of flexibility if a pre-conceived benefit. Ariel yoga helps the body move freely and according to its own pace. This releases the stress in the muscles and bones and gradually your body will become flexible. Spinal and shoulder flexibility is the most chiefly attained through ariel yoga. Flexibility ensures fitness so ariel yoga basically also makes you fitter.

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3. Helps in digestion: Exercising in any form helps combat problems related to the stomach and digestion. Through its techniques of extensive stretching and moving; ariel yoga proves to cure indigestion and constipation. It helps in boosting the digestive system.

4. Improves balance: When you are doing exercises in mid-air suspended through a hammock, you realize that ariel yoga eventually improves your capability to maintain body balance. Ariel yoga helps to maintain such balance and stability not only in terms of physical being but also in mental being.

5. Helps in back problems: Amidst the stretching, ariel yoga helps in the strengthening of the spine hence increasing the blood circulation in the same. Since there is a minimum strain on your back during ariel yoga, it releases tension in the spinal cord and hip joints. This release of stress helps the back organs to breathe again and give space for healing to begin.


Aerial yoga can be very helpful for chronic back pain

6. Provides immunity from heart diseases: Ariel yoga enhances the circulation of blood in the body thereby detoxifying the body, especially the lymphatic systems. Such detoxification helps in providing immunity to the body against cardiovascular problems. It also prevents the symptoms of early aging since your mind and body remains fresh.

7. Relaxes the body and mind: Ariel yoga ultimately serves the basic purpose of yoga itself which is relaxation of mind and body. It helps clear the mind from overthinking and toxic thoughts. Ariel yoga releases stress from the body which then helps you gain a positive and energetic outlook towards your day ahead. It is also a great mood enhancer.