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Things your eye boogers can reveal about your health

A little crust or discharge around the eyes is normal. But a change in consistency, colour or the amount of discharge can be a sign of some health issue. Here are eight eye booger traits that might be signalling something serious

If You & Your Partner Keep Making These 11 Mistakes, Your Relationship May Not Last

It’s always OK to make mistakes in your relationship, as long as you and your partner are willing to work together to overcome them. But if the same issues keep cropping up time and time again, it can start to take a

Ford’s China JV Changan Automobile Group eyes sales rebound at end-2019: President

China’s China Changan Automobile Group expects sales at its joint venture with Ford Motor Co to rebound at the end of this year as the US automaker boosts its China product line, Changan’s president said on April 16. Zhu Huarong made

5 Inner Habits You Need To Make Any Relationship Last

If you ask someone in their 20s what matters most to them in life, they will usually say, “My relationship and my career.” Relationships and careers are the stabilizers in today’s world, bringing security, contentment, and purpose in life. Yet we

Arizona governor signs repeal of HIV/AIDS instruction law

Arizona’s Republican governor quickly signed a bill Thursday repealing a 1991 state law that had barred HIV and AIDS instruction that “promotes a homosexual lifestyle.” The move was intended to end a discrimination lawsuit filed by LGBTQ groups. Gov. Doug Ducey’s

10 things all couples in healthy relationships do every day

There is a lot of relationship advice out there, from articles to videos. But, after 20+ years as a marriage advisor working with executives and their family, I found that work success can also translate into martial and committed relationship success. Healthy

Teaching Kids Yoga To Help Them Overcome Trauma: Welcome To Project Peaceful Warriors

It’s often said that you can’t know a person’s story just by looking at them, and Chelsea Hylton is no exception. With blonde shoulder-length hair and a smile that could put anyone at ease, Chelsea comes off as hard-working, compassionate, and

Dry Skin In Winters? Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

Do you have dry and itchy skin? Dry skin which is also called xerosis, is a skin condition that lacks moisture in its outer layer of the skin. If left untreated, dry skin can get cracks, white spots and become infected.

US forces, NSG conclude joint training exercise

HYDERABAD:  United States military forces from the 1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) and the National Security Guard (NSG) concluded a month-long joint military exercise in Hyderabad on Friday.  The exercise prepared U.S. and Indian soldiers for a wide range

The Celery Juice Trend Could Be Putting Your Health At Risk

A rep for The British Skin Foundation says that drinking half a litre of celery juice on an empty stomach – as proponents suggest – could contribute to early signs of ageing and raise your risk of skin cancer. “Celery is known to contain